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If there is breath, there is life; don't risk life…

While the reliability of personal protective equipment is always an important issue; The Coronovirus pandemic experienced today attracts more attention to this issue. The procedures and principles regarding the free movement of personal protective equipment are explained in the 2016/425 (EU) regulation.

In the regulation; It has been stated that each personal protective equipment used (mask, gloves, goggles, overalls, helmet, shoes, etc.) must carry a CE certificate. CE certificate is one of the most important criteria expressing compliance with health, safety and environmental protection standards for products sold within the borders of the European Union.

Protection of the health and safety of users is our most important parameter in the design and production of personal protective equipment. As EOS brand, we produce our masks in integration with the Ministry of Health Product Tracking System (ÜTS). If you want to reach detailed information, our ÜTS Document number; 2667269361041.

With our mask that emerged as a result of our expert staff and hard work, we were also entitled to receive CE and Ministry of Health No: 34 / TCSM / 4513-0 certificates in European standards. Within our brand; We also produce Type I (patients and healthy people) and Type II (healthcare personnel) and Type IIR (healthcare personnel) masks certified to EN 14683 + AC 2019 standards.

What are the features of our EOS mask with CE and Ministry of Health No: 34 / TCSM / 4513-0 certificates?

EOS Mask;

It is produced by ultrasonic sewing without touching.
It has a 3-storey structure.
Single use only.
Nonwoven upper parts are covered with soft PP, comfortable, easily adjustable to the nose form.
It is produced in an easily breathable manner.
It does not contain fiberglass and latex.
Thanks to our flexible ear rubber, mask elastics do not disturb the ears in long-term use.
No situations such as rupture, tearing are encountered.
It is hypoallergic.
It is domestic production.
Braille alphabet was used for the information on the box.

How to Use EOS Mask?

Before putting on the mask, hands are washed with soap for at least 20 seconds and dried thoroughly. The folded part of the mask is placed on the outside and the metal strip on the upper side is placed over the nose bridge. The elastics on the sides of the mask are put on the ear. The metal strip on the upper side of the mask is placed on the bridge of the nose by pressing it gently. The mask is adjusted according to the face in a way that it completely covers the nose, mouth and chin and does not allow air passage around the edges.